A Celtic Christmas - SOLD OUT!

A Celtic Christmas - LOW TICKET ALERT!

A Celtic Christmas - SOLD OUT!

Nov 25, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is all ages

A Celtic Christmas recreates the joy and innocence of a night before Christmas, when the neighbouring families gather around the fire to grace the wintry night with the haunting melodies of traditional Irish Christmas carols, to raise the rafters with the joy of their music.

Try counting all of the instruments you will hear in this one show: Guitars, Irish Bouzouki, Greek Bouzouki, Mandolins, Tin Whistles, Highland Bagpipes, Didgeridoo, Bodhrans, Tenor & 5 String Banjos, Hammered Dulcimer, Scottish Smallpipes, 22 String Irish Harp, Accordion... and not to miss lots of 3 and 4 part harmony vocals.

The historic Milton Theatre is a uniquely diverse venue where you will find the best local, regional, national, and international talent. Free municipal and on-street parking are available. Full bar and light food options available. This facility is fully accessible.

Fellow Travelers
Fellow Travelers
Try counting all of the instruments to hear in this one show: guitars, Irish bouzouki, Greek bouzouki, mandolins, tin whistles, highland bagpipes, didgeridoo, bodhrans, tenor and five-string banjos, hammered dulcimer, Scottish small pipes, 22-string Irish harp, accordion and lots of three- and four-part harmony vocals.

The Fellow Travelers are:
Michael O'Loughlin
Dave Kohut
Keagan Justice
Mickey Justice