Bettenroo, Meredith Rounsley


Meredith Rounsley

Nov 9, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is all ages

The historic Milton Theatre is a uniquely diverse venue where you will find the best local, regional, national, and international talent. Free municipal and on-street parking are available. Full bar and light food options available. This facility is fully accessible.

Bettenroo delivers musical passion. Through their love of music, Anne Davey and Lori Jacobs immediately found a strong bond. Delaware residents since 2014, they met in 2011 in Pennsylvania when Lori joined Anne's newly formed band. Their effortless and perfectly blended vocals and instrumental intuition became immediately apparent. The exploration of songwriting and performing as a duo occurred as naturally as breathing.

Ironically, Anne & Lori's experiences in life leading up to their musical connection are nearly polar opposites. Both, largely influenced by their mothers, Anne chose the most important role there is - raising children. Her sons are now grown and in the video and music industry. Anne's musical beginnings were as a flute player which evolved into an interest in bass when her boys were teenagers. Her natural ability to sing soulfully and with intent has been a lifelong part of her existence but only transferred to performance over the past 6 years. Her delivery is pitch perfect and her complex bass lines complement the signature Bettenroo blend. Meanwhile, Lori's mother who was told she wouldn't live past her teen years defied that verdict by making sure that her only daughter would fearlessly live each day to the fullest. For Lori that meant exploring the world, meet people, take chances, and bring a guitar. A multi-instrumentalist, she has been in various original musical endeavors from jazz to hard rock playing trumpet, guitar or drums. In those various ventures, Lori's songs have been featured on WXPN and numerous other broadcasts including Voice of America Asia/Pacific. She's performed across the US, Europe, was a Lilith Fair finalist and uses her technical background to produce CD projects (including 'Live Out Loud').

Bettenroo's CD, 'Live Out Loud', is a collection of experiences from challenges that become lessons to joys that reinforce hope and charge the zest for life. The dynamics of Anne's soulful vocals and Lori's harmonies blend a tone that is more commonly reserved through family genetics. Their sound is meant to be shared. Anne and Lori are very thankful for the incredibly supportive Delmarva community that has welcomed them into the region. Roo Crew rocks!
Meredith Rounsley
Meredith Rounsley
With a warm, soulful voice and easygoing stage presence, Meredith Rounsley has been captivating audiences near and far for years. The strength of her latest release, Weapon, led to a "New and Notable" feature on Noisetrade and prompted a tour schedule that has taken her up and down the east coast.

Weapon came together across two continents as Meredith travelled between the USA and Australia for University. During that time, she honed her voice as a storyteller. She crafts songs that explore love, heartbreak, and distance with an unflinching honesty; from the rhythmic pop/soul of Weapon to sweeter ballads Falling Easy and Trying, the songs on this project resonate with sincerity.

Meredith’s original music has been recently featured on The Freeman Stage (host to national touring acts like Gary Clark Jr., Chicago, and Grace Potter), Delmarva Life, WBOC radio, and she has opened for regional bands at Headquarters Live.

Whether performing solo with her acoustic guitar or with a full band, Meredith’s original music and inventive covers resonate with audiences. “I believe that music should connect people, “ she says, “whether that’s over a story, a song, or glass of wine. I want people come away from a show feeling like they have been a part of a community experience.”

Meredith has focused on creating that experience by hosting unique, intimate events for listeners no matter the venue. She has played concerts in living rooms from Toronto, Canada to Georgia and curated a songwriter’s showcase in her hometown of Salisbury, Maryland. Her music has been featured on main stages and in packed cafes. Each time, she brings the stories, honesty, and connection that Weapon showcases effortlessly.