Fellow Travelers: Celebrating the Luck of the Irish

Fellow Travelers: Celebrating the Luck of the Irish

Mar 9, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is all ages

The historic Milton Theatre is a uniquely diverse venue where you will find the best local, regional, national, and international talent. Free municipal and on-street parking are available. Full bar and light food options available. This facility is fully accessible.

Fellow Travelers
Fellow Travelers
The Fellow Travelers, with a stage filled with many traditional instruments, specializes in multi-instrumental prowess along with three & four part harmony vocals. This group of Fellow Travelers expresses their music through a panoply of sound: along with those vocal harmonies, you’ll find everything from fiddles and whistles to Highland bagpipes and didgeridoo…not to exclude mandolin, banjo, guitar, Irish bouzouki, accordion, and bodhran.
To be sure, the musical effort includes seasonal Irish standards, as well foot-stomping jigs and reels and a few Appalachian traditions that are historically linked with the Irish and Scottish music that migrated to the American social milieu and back: fusion is inevitably part of the contemporary experiences which the Fellow Travelers aspire to express in its ongoing musical journey.

Michael O’Loughlin has been playing and singing this music for forty years since his early college days in the early 1970s. He uses his Irish tenor voice to explore and express the ordinary Celtic and American life experience, their histories and contemporary challenges as expressed in song. Love, loss, rebellion, and whiskey are all illuminated in the music. With the band, Mike O’Loughlin carries forth the traditional Celtic songs and the traditional folk songs of immigrated Irish Americans. Mike plays guitar and bodhran.

Dave Kohut or, otherwise known in his previous life as, Msgt. David A.C. Kowhut USAF reserve (RET). A 29-year veteran and C-5 Flight engineer with 400 combat hours, air medals as well as a 20 year NASA research Air-crewman…Always carried his fiddle on missions! Dave acquired lots of in-flight practice. Playing fiddle through college throughout the mid-Atlantic area from the 70s-80s with Irish, bluegrass, and country groups, he tried his hand at songwriting during the 90s in Nashville and was a regular at the Bluebird Cafe and many other notable songwriting rooms. Dave co-wrote 12 songs with David Frizzel, resulting in four cuts. Dave is the band’s fiddler, vocalist and is also a master at playing note-for-note fiddle tunes on harmonica

Mickey Justice is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and former Nashville, Tn. sideman and resident for about 14 years. Mickey worked for several years with a two-time National award-winning band (winning 1st place awards in the Jimmy Dean/True Value Country Music Showdown and the Disk Makers Independent Music Awards). He has accrued countless miles of roadwork, as well as many recording session hours for notable songwriters. In this band, Mickey plays mandolin ‘dadgad’ guitar, bouzouki, standard/low whistles, bodhran, didgeridoo, great Highland Pipes, small pipes, lead and harmony vocals…all of which, have proven very useful over the years as a producer, over-dub session leader and on soundtrack recording sessions.

Keagan Justice…..To say Keagan is following in his fathers' footsteps is a statement that’s a little too late. Keagan has blasted past his dad’s humble footsteps, in an astonishingly fast and short learning curve. His father is Mickey Justice, by the way, and the father and son team work together in other combos, as a duo, and as songwriting partners. Keagan has accumulated several state and regional titles on 5 string banjo and guitar as well as several band 1st places. Keagan also plays resophonic (Dobro) guitar, mandolin, upright bass, didgeridoo, bodhran and provides bass vocals. Despite his young age of 17 years, Keagan is becoming a real asset in the studio. He has a progressed understanding of the roles and requirements of the session world vs live performance. With his interests sweeping from bluegrass and Celtic, to Gypsy jazz and ragtime, you all would do best to keep an eye on this fast-tracking, good-spirited youngster!