All Ages Event

Super Trans Am: Anthems of the 70’s

Wednesday, March 27
Doors: 6:30pm // Show: 7:30pm
$28.80 to $37

The Ultimate Seventies Concert Experience! Roll down your windows, crank up the radio, and take a ride in a Super Trans AM!

Who listened to Cousin Brucie’s legendary radio show on 77, WABC? Yes, that was before FM radio even existed! Who remembers watching Evil Knievel try to jump the Snake River Canyon on the Wide World of Sports in 1974? Who saw The Godfather in a movie theater back in 1972? We bet you saw it more than once too! Who saw Jaws in the summer of 1975? Bet you didn’t go near the ocean after that!

Even if you’re not old enough to remember any of those amazing moments, how many of you feel that the 1970s were one of the greatest musical decades in history? The 70s are back for you, your kids and even your grandkids to rediscover in today’s hit movies and television shows. Super Trans AM is a band your entire family is going to love.

About Super Trans Am
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Roll down your windows, crank up the radio, and take a ride in a Super Trans AM.

Super Trans Am is the most unique and innovative theme band on the market today, playing all of your favorite arena anthems and chart-topping radio hits of the 1970’s.

Combining unparalleled musicianship with artistic and inspired A/V production, you’ll enjoy revisiting classic singalongs from one of the most definable decades in American history. Performing masterworks from icons such as The Eagles, Hall & Oates, Queen, The Doobie Brothers, Paul McCartney & Wings, Peter Frampton, Foreigner, Kiss, Boston and Journey as well as “Yacht Rock” favorites such as “Still the One” by Orleans and Pilot’s “Magic”, your audience will fall in love with this epic decade of memorable music all over again.

Super Trans Am is the perfect entertainment choice for municipal parks, food truck festivals, county/state fairs, theaters, nightclubs, casinos, private events, themed weddings and car shows.

It’s time to dust off your flared jeans, break out the air guitar and take a trip back to the days when Welcome Back Kotter and Happy Days kept us glued to our televisions, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter led our nation, kids jumped Evil Kneivel toys over their Matchbox cars and these timeless songs became the soundtrack to our lives.

The timing couldn’t be better for this talented group to emerge. In addition to those of us who grew up with our radios locked on “77; WABC”, a new generation has been introduced to the music of the 1970’s in recent hit movies such as GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and DOCTOR STRANGE. Your entire family will have a great night out together singing along with the band.

Ladies and gentlemen…Start your engines…Super Trans Am has arrived