Oh the Horrors! Film Trailer Challenge

ATTENTION ALL FILMMAKERS! IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN!!Get ready horror hounds and fear fiends! The Revival House is bringing back The Horror Trailer Challenge with a chance to bring home a portion of the $1,500 cash up for grabs! This is your chance to take part in a fun film challenge and have your project seen on the big screen in front of a crowd at the Milton Theatre. Time to break out the camera gear, buy those gallons of fake blood, and gather your friends to make the greatest horror trailer you can imagine! The 5th annual Horror Trailer Challenge is happening Sunday, Oct. 16th at the Milton Theatre.Since its inception, the trailer challenge has grown in popularity and response, with submissions coming in from all across the state and region. All participating filmmakers will have the opportunity to demonstrate their demonic visions on a movie screen in front of a live audience and compete for a chance to win $1500 in cash prizes. On Friday, September 29, the Revival House will announce on our website (https://www.revivalhousetheater.com) and this Facebook page a specific item and line of dialogue that must be included in the trailer. They have until Friday, Oct. 14, to script, film, and edit their trailer, which can be no more than three minutes in length.For all the details and past entry examples for some inspiration go to https://www.revivalhousetheater.comJoining the contest is FREE! About Revival House Films Official Website | Facebook The Revival House is a platform to celebrate the experience of going to the movies. Our mission is to foster a community through the shared experience of film and presenting programs that are unique, entertaining, and fun. Within the walls of the historic Milton Theatre, we hope to provide monthly screenings equally dedicated to cinema and community.

“Object of Grief” Film Screening

Screening of 30-minute dance film”Object of Grief” followed by a 10-minute documentary on the making of the film and an “Artist Talk Back” Q&A with the director, Audrey Ringlein. About the Film “Object of Grief” is a short film that examines the movement of the female body through a day lived with grief. The spaciousness of the work allows all who have experienced loss to enter into private moments of grief that are deconstructed and shared through the lens of poetry, dance, music, and film. The cyclical feeling that the film creates will leave the audience considering compassion for themselves and others who go day in, and day out, carrying loss while trying to heal under the burden of grief. About the Director Audrey Ringlein is an interdisciplinary artist who is fascinated by the human spirit. As a choreographer, she creates in flow to express with the physical body when words fall short. As a writer, she uses poetry to examine her own experiences, which become the framework for her movement explorations. As a director, she enjoys working with her friends and highlighting their talents as they enter into her creative process. Audrey sees little separation between daily life and artistic expression. Her work draws the audience in by creating a space that is intimate, yet universally accessible. Her current work “Object of Grief” is driven by a series of poems that she wrote while processing the loss of a good friend. Audrey does not shy away from the ugly and uncomfortable realities of grieving in a society that endlessly requires perfection from women. Her play with silence and sound is informed by her relationship to American Sign Language, which was how she communicated with her deaf grandparents before they passed. Audrey’s movement preferences mimic the crashing of waves on a beach – an influence of nature that always centers Audrey and helps her become truly present. By creating this deeply personal film, she aims to encourage change in the hearts of the viewer, so that they might stay present and compassionate as they carry their “Object of Grief” through each moment of the day.