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Updated: Feb 20

It's about one moment. It's about hitting the wall and having to make a choice... or take a stand... or turn around and go back! With a small, powerhouse multi-ethnic cast and a driving, exquisitely crafted score that runs the gamut of today's popular music, Songs for a New World is a great way to bring the next generation into the theatre.


Thursday - April 20 - 7:30pm - TICKETS Friday - April 21 - 8pm - TICKETS Saturday - April 22 - 2pm - TICKETS

Saturday - April 22 - 8pm - TICKETS

"Songs for a New World" is a musical production that is different from traditional musicals in that it does not have a linear plotline or a consistent set of characters. Instead, it is a collection of individual songs that are connected thematically by the idea of making pivotal choices and transitions in life.

The show's songs explore a range of emotions, including hope, despair, joy, and heartache, and the musical styles vary from ballads to pop to gospel. Each song is a self-contained story, and the characters in the show are not recurring. Instead, they are meant to represent various archetypes and perspectives on the human experience.

The show's unique format allows it to cover a wide range of themes and issues, including love, loss, faith, and social justice. The show encourages the audience to reflect on their own lives and choices, and how these relate to the world around them.

Overall, "Songs for a New World" is a powerful and thought-provoking musical experience that offers a fresh perspective on the genre, and leaves audiences with a sense of hope and inspiration.

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